Fairest by Marissa Meyer Review: The Not So Fairest of the Series Gets a Backstory

#1 Cinder ★★★★★ (My Review)
#2 Scarlet ★★★☆☆ (My Review)
#3 Cress ★★★★☆
#4 Winter ★★★★☆
#4.5 Stars Above ★★☆☆☆

I was really excited to start reading this one because every time I picked it off my shelf and went to a random page, I got so engrossed and just kept reading and reading. Plus, it focuses on one perspective (not like the series ones where we get some ((imo)) boring nonsense random perspectives and we’re stuck on Earth.

Fairest delves into the backstory of the Lunar Chronicles’ main villain, the Lunar queen Levana. We really don’t know a whole lot about her except for what information we get through Cinder’s early backstory reveals. We know she took over and has been building an army and creating a biological weapon, as well as the fact that she’s just kinda cold hearted and ruthless. This novel gives her a bit more depth and we see why she is doing what she is now. 

She’s always just been a person who was under her sister’s shadow and always put down by her sister. I don’t think there was ever a time where she was pure and good. She’s just trying to stand apart from her sister and be seen as a better leader. She really is a better leader than Channary was because she actually cares about the goings on in her country and strategy for the future. 

But she severely lacks the ability to really emotionally connect with anyone, probably because she never really had anyone do so with her or give her the opportunity. I was pretty surprised with how far Meyer took Levana at some points during when she was trying to win over Evret, **SPOILER** especially with the rape scene and how she went into detail about having blood on the sheets. **SPOILER** It felt more than YA.

However, in the end, this one wasn’t as enjoyable as my little glimpses of it were. It was interesting and all and gives some helpful backstory, but it just wasn’t that engrossing. I kinda want to put it on the same level as Scarlet because it was a Lunar Chronicles book, which I like because of how Meyer adapted fairy tales with sci-fi as a major part, but I also didn’t like because it just didn’t grab me like Cinder’s second half really did. Tbh, that has been the best part of the series so far for me.

Do you need to read this? Not really, you basically get most of it through the series. However, I think you do get to learn more about Levana and why she is doing what she is doing. If you do choose to read this one, you really do need to read the series first as this one could spoil some big reveals in the series. 

Final opinion: Good and provides backstory but not as engaging as it seems. 

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