Diana: Princess of the Amazons Review

I received a review copy from the publisher, DC Comics, via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

The best word I have to describe this book is okay.

The Illustration

  • I really liked the illustrations in this one. They were full of color and really cute to read!

I think the story is where I found the biggest disconnect with this graphic novel, especially with the character Mona and how Diana’s feelings were dealt with.

How Diana Feels
It was kind of frustrating and a little sad that Diana felt really left out and that no one noticed or did anything to remedy it or help her deal with her feelings. Doing that would have helped avoid one of the man conflicts in the story and would have explored how to deal with feeling left out in a constructive way.

Mona just seemed off from the very beginning and a bad influence. We do find out why later on in the story but it just felt really off to me until the reveal made it make sense. Also, like how did no one notice her?? Somebody had to have noticed weird sounds or something right?

The Target Audience

  • I think one of the other reasons this didn’t quite connect was the fact that this seems to be targeted towards a young audience. Being an adult, I think I was questioning a few elements of the story that a younger audience might not necessarily do, such as Mona’s character and why Diana or someone else didn’t help her with feeling left out.

This was a cute story, but I think I felt such disconnect because I was reading it as an older audience vs. being in the younger target audience

Graphic excerpts provided by the publisher, DC Comics

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