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The Time Traveler’s Guide to Modern Romance: An Interview with the Author!

The Time Traveler’s Guide to Modern Romance
by Madeline J. Reynolds
Publication Date: March 4, 2019
Publisher: Entangled Teen

Elias Caldwell needs more than his life in nineteenth-century England has to offer. He’d rather go on an adventure than
spend one more minute at some stuffy party. When his grandfather gives him a pocket watch he claims can transport him to any place and time, Elias doesn’t believe it…until he’s whisked away to twenty-first-century America.
Tyler Forrester just wants to fall hopelessly in love. But making that kind of connection with someone has been more of a dream than reality. Then a boy appears out of thin air, a boy from the past. As he helps Elias navigate a strange new world for him, introducing him to the wonders of espresso, binge-watching, and rock and roll, Tyler discovers Elias is exactly who he was missing.
But their love has time limit. Elias’s disappearance from the past has had devastating side effects, and now he must choose where he truly belongs—in the Victorian era, or with the boy who took him on an adventure he never dreamed possible?

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Read on for an interview with the author!

What inspired you to write this novel?

This novel was actually an idea that was pitched to me by one of my previous editors. He had a loose idea for the overarching plot and felt that I would be the right author to bring the story to life. It was the first time I’d ever approached a novel this way and it was a great challenge for me to take on as a writer.

Do you see any qualities of yourself in any of the characters?

I actually see a lot of myself in Tyler. As a filmmaker he is also a creative and so we are both passionate about creating art and specifically, storytelling in some shape or form. Tyler also dreams of moving to New York City, which is something I have in common with him.  

If you could time travel to any time, what would it be and why?

So I wouldn’t want to stay permanently, but I would love to travel to the 1920s for a few nights. It would be so fun to experience the speakeasies, listen to the incredible music, and dress in the gorgeous flappers. It would be an enjoyable excursion, but I definitely wouldn’t stay long-term.

Why 19th century England for Tyler?

For Eli’s character, I felt it was important to set him in a past time period where his identity was not something that would be accepted by society because this forced him to look elsewhere for a sense of belonging and home. This brings him to the future and ultimately, into Tyler’s arms. As far as why I chose the 19th century specifically, I love writing about the Victorian era, as is evidenced by my first novel, ILLUSIONS.

What was your writing process like?

I’m a pantser and I don’t really outline first so I just sort of set aside blocks of time to write and jumped right in. I kept a journal that was specifically dedicated to this book so that if ideas came to me about Eli or Tyler or if I thought up a line I liked or a scene that I felt would fit somewhere in the story, I could write it down and the piece all the fragments and parts I like best together in the editing process.

Was there any music you listened to while writing?

I can’t listen to songs with lyrics when I’m writing because it gets too distracting o I usually always go with instrumental music. Most often, I’ll pick film scores because then it also adds an element of mode and tone.   

What was your research process like for 19th century England?

Well luckily, I had just come off of writing ILLUSIONS, which was set entirely in 19th century London. For that book I had done a lot of research about actual locations in London, street names, theaters, etc. But one of the other most important thing I researched for ILLUSIONS, which actually helped me quite a bit in TIME TRAVELER”S GUIDE was studying the language and slang from back then. I had a working knowledge of this that I was then able to work into Eli’s speech.  

Both of your books have some historical element to them, what appeals to you most about writing about another time period?

That’s something that I’ve noticed about myself is that in my writing, I really enjoy taking an actual historical period that existed in our world and finding a way to weave magic into the world. Without revealing too much, I believe my next book will be set in 1920s Chicago and will also have fantasy elements, so I can safely say that this a them that will continue popping up in my work.

Anything you would like readers to know?

I genuinely appreciate the time to check out my work and if you read the book, I hope that you fall in love with these characters that I’ve created.

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The author herself, Madeline J. Reynolds!

About the Author:

Madeline J. Reynolds is a YA fantasy author living in Chicago. Originally from Minneapolis, she has a background in
journalism and has always loved storytelling in its various forms. When not writing, she can be found exploring the city,
eating Thai food, or lost in an epic Lord of the Rings marathon.

Website • Twitter • Instagram • Goodreads

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