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Review: Scarlet by Marissa Meyer


This one just wasn’t as good and action packed as Cinder…

I loved Cinder once I got to the halfway point and found myself racing through it after then but this one was the complete opposite. I think I began it in a slump and I did try reading it hard copy first but I struggled through it. And so I what I usually do at this point if possible, turn to audiobooks. I managed to get through this book via the audiobook but it never got any more interesting for me.

I was much more a fan of Cinder and her story than Scarlet. Scarlet just was kinda boring and I did not like her as a character. Her insta-love with Wolf was also kind of annoying and I never really liked him as a character at all.

This one failed to be as enchanting and exciting as Cinder was. It was hard to care about Scarlet’s story as it was super uninteresting. I found myself way more interested in Kai’s chapters than anything else. Even Cinder seemed off in this one and I wasn’t that interested in her parts either. I’ve always liked Kai and seeing how he deals with his position and the politics revolving around him and Levana. I don’t know why the other characters seemed off but they did and I think that’s the main reason why this one wasn’t above a 3 for me.

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Come Back to Me (Come Back to Me #1) by Mila Gray Review

I’m glad I read Stay With Me before this one because I don’t think I would have continued on had I read this one first.

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End of the Lie Tour: An Author’s (Somewhat Unconventional) Journey to Publication

End of the Lie (Anastasia Phoenix #3) by Diana Rodriguez Wallach

Publication Date: March 4, 2019

Publisher: Entangled Teen

With her harrowing tale of espionage and near death experiences finally out in the open, Anastasia Phoenix thought things would be better. That she and her friends had outsmarted Department D, the criminal empire her parents helped create.

She thought wrong.

Former friends have turned to enemies, causing more innocent lives to get swept up into the dangerous world her parents created. Now it’s up to Anastasia to stop the damage before anyone else gets hurt—or worse. She embarks on a treacherous trail from Poland to Prague, and old rivals emerge at every turn. But when the final confrontation occurs, will she be too late to protect the ones she loves… or even herself?

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And now, a few words from the author on her publishing journey!

I did not have the average start to a publishing career. Specifically, I did not grow up knowing that I wanted to be an author. In fact, it took an uncanny push from a Salem, MA psychic to get me to write my first novel.

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The Time Traveler’s Guide to Modern Romance: An Interview with the Author!

The Time Traveler’s Guide to Modern Romance
by Madeline J. Reynolds
Publication Date: March 4, 2019
Publisher: Entangled Teen

Elias Caldwell needs more than his life in nineteenth-century England has to offer. He’d rather go on an adventure than
spend one more minute at some stuffy party. When his grandfather gives him a pocket watch he claims can transport him to any place and time, Elias doesn’t believe it…until he’s whisked away to twenty-first-century America.
Tyler Forrester just wants to fall hopelessly in love. But making that kind of connection with someone has been more of a dream than reality. Then a boy appears out of thin air, a boy from the past. As he helps Elias navigate a strange new world for him, introducing him to the wonders of espresso, binge-watching, and rock and roll, Tyler discovers Elias is exactly who he was missing.
But their love has time limit. Elias’s disappearance from the past has had devastating side effects, and now he must choose where he truly belongs—in the Victorian era, or with the boy who took him on an adventure he never dreamed possible?

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Read on for an interview with the author!

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Rise of Fire (Reign of Shadows #2) by Sophie Jordan Review

This book was really disappointing…


All spoilers are marked with **SPOILER** before and after the spoiler so you can skip that part if you would like/have not read the book!


In this rant-filled review I will touch on: the 50% problem, the imaginary 3rd book, and my extreme anger at the ending. So get ready folks, this will be a fun ride! (Edit: I will also be adressing some frustration at the characters.)

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New Year, New BookNerd!

Hello and Happy New Year!!!

Life has been pretty busy for me this year because I moved to the beautiful state of California and am continuing my studies, so I’ve been a little MIA from the blog.

Well, that’s not all. Formatting for WordPress reviews takes a lot of time and since Goodreads no longer integrates with WP, I’ve had to take a bit more time to fix up links and images, in addition to the review itself. However, I literally just remembered drafts exists so I’m hoping this may allow for me to push out more reviews in the future! (Update: The new WP editing system makes things a little easier so maybe I’ll be able to keep up!)

One of my favorite reads of last year was the lengthy but well worth it 11/22/63.

In Bookish2018 summary, I finished the year by completing my Goodreads reading challenge of 50 books by reading 61. My favorite reads of the year were 11/22/63 by Stephen King and A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas

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True Lies (The Lying Game #5.5) by Sara Shepard Review


True Lies: A Lying Game Novella (The Lying Game #5.5) by Sara Shepard


Set just months before Sutton Mercer’s untimely death, this stand-alone 100-page digital original novella from #1 New York Times bestselling author Sara Shepard is an exciting, must-read companion to the Lying Game series.

It’s the summer after junior year and Sutton Mercer’s world is turned upside down when her secret boyfriend, Thayer Vega, disappears without a trace. When he finally calls, he says he needs “space.”

Furious, Sutton does what any jilted girl would do—she gets over her last boyfriend by finding a new one. And luckily Garrett Austin is happy to step up and be her new leading man. The only catch: Garrett used to date Sutton’s best friend Charlotte. Now an annoyed Charlotte is insisting that Sutton’s younger sister, Laurel, be admitted to the Lying Game clique. If Sutton wants to keep Laurel out, she’ll need to outdo her in a series of prank challenges. Defeating Laurel should be a no-brainer, but little sis has some tricks up her sleeve. . . .

Will Sutton prove she’s the only Mercer fit for the club? Or is the Lying Game queen about to get overthrown by her not-so-loyal subjects?

My Review:
I feel like this novella is a clear winner over the other one.

In this one, we get to see Sutton’s thoughts and interactions with Laurel as well as a full plot about how Laurel got into the Lying Game group. I think we get a lot more insight into Sutton’s relationships and thoughts as well as why some things are the way they are in the novels.

Another thing I really liked was the fact that we got to see into both relationships with Thayer and Garrett. We got to see how Sutton felt when Thayer disappears out of the blue and how she reacts in turn with Garrett. Through this, I think we can also see why Garrett has acted the way he has in the full length novels.

This novella actually kind of felt like one of the novels in some ways and was just as enjoyable.